Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This Big Ol'Thing

A big thing is arriving today - anytime between 9 am and 2 pm.  This big thing, arranged courtesy of the blogless Janine, was among those things that can be categorized as "a bargain too good to pass up".  Although as people living in a teeny, tiny Sunnyside house, we debated long and hard about this particular bargain because even a bargain too good to pass up can take up too much floor space.  

It was like when you pass something amazing, truly amazing, on the street that someone else is throwing away and you just can't believe anyone in their right mind would throw away something so amazing, and then you realize that you have no where to put it and you have to walk on by, hoping that someone else will take it.  Oh bitter, bitter New York reality!

But we threw caution (and floor space) to the wind and said "yes" and today, this big thing arrives from Wisconsin, purchased for about 1/10th of what it is valued at, shipped at considerably more than what we paid for it, and soon to occupy valuable real estate in our living room.  

Wish us luck!


island sweet said...


Patti Blaine said...

omg. it's a loom, isn't it. you lucky lucky homeless person you. ;)

OfTroy said...

Patti is right, isn't she?

Oh I am all green-eyed envy!

obviously, you need to extend the basement, (a foundation for an extension, and while you are at it.. raise the roof...!

though it might be easier to just buy the house next door, and double your living/fiber space in one fell swoop!

LICraftgal said...

Oh a loom??? I am also green with envy. Someday I hope to have one of those. Please post pics!!!

Patti Blaine said...

crap. did i spoil the surprise, Robyn? it's just i had a pretty vivid dream about you the other night ... Monday into Tuesday and then spent most of the day sick in bed, thinking off and on about weaving for no particular reason whatsoever, briefly contemplating which room I'd put a loom in if I were to ever have one, and... then you with a big something arriving that may crowd you out of your home... :)