Tuesday, March 10, 2009


More pottery from our class at Greenwich House (I am loving the blue wash with dark celadon glaze combo):

More hats for Helen's hat project.  Since I couldn't find the exact link to explain her project, I will briefly explain it here.  Helen made her daughter's boyfriend a hat in his college's colours.  He loved it.  Then he told her about the children in his school who don't have hats - they are all boys around age 12, from disadvantaged families and all have special needs.  I think I am remembering correctly that he is the physical ed. teacher and takes them outdoors in all weather.  Next thing, Helen was volunteering to make hats for all the students, which turned out to be 84 in number.  

Now, Helen is a hat expert and makes hats for the sheer pleasure of hat making, so the number, while large, was not completely daunting.  Still, a dozen hats into the project and she asked for some help.  I had not been able to help given the cartons of yarn in my living room earmarked for other purposes.  But finally, I found myself still with a carton of yarn and no particular project, so I made up four hats for Helen's project.  And I happen to have a 12 yo boy handy to model them, even if his response to my asking him if he will model them for me was "how much will you pay me?"  sheesh!  Back view, apparently, was available for free.

Finnian also provided aesthetic assistance, recommending colours that he felt would not shame a 12 yo boy if seen in public, hence the subdued tones.

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