Saturday, August 08, 2009

Is That So?

My special three days of solitude while the kids are at basketball camp have turned out to be not exactly what I had envisioned. On Thursday, I psyched myself up for editing video (and believe me, my dear, it requires a good deal of psyching up) only to discover a major computer glitch as deep and mysterious as a black hole where my Final Cut Pro ought to have been but wasn't. For a moment I was actually upset, so psyched was I to sit at a table and click, click, click. And then, I looked at the shining sun and felt the gentle breeze and gave out a big yah-hoo. Editing will have to wait until October.

Friday I had planned to trade yoga lessons for a massage with a friend who is a massage therapist. When I arrived at her house, she was coughing and her voice was quite hoarse. She gave me a massage (my first ever!) and then we both agreed that someone with unexpected and intense coughing fits might not be able to maintain deep breathing for an hour or so. Yoga lessons were put off to another, healthier day. But by then, it as too late to drive all the way back to Gillams, so I just hung out and laughed and ate and generally had a lazy, fun time until it was pick up time.

Today, we all rode into town for the last day of camp and, for me, the Corner Brook Farmer's Market, where I have been selling my wares as Wee Ball Yarns. At $10/table, you can't beat the price and since I get to hang out with my buddies at the same time, it is always a good time even if the townspeople of Corner Brook aren't interested in beautiful, one of a kind yarns and hats (but sometimes they are, it must be said!). As the morning wore on, the skies turned grayer and grayer and a few drops started to fall and then, the deluge started. After about an hour, we all gave up and packed up and so, here I am, back in Gillams with a couple of quiet hours to myself. Not what I thought I would be doing today, but I should have known from the previous two days that this is how it would be.

You make you plans sometimes and the Universe says, "Is that so?"

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