Wednesday, August 05, 2009

More Yarn on Yarn Action

After receiving a complaint that I was engaging in too much yogic, Buddhist navel gazing from a certain party who shall remain nameless but whose initials are Mr. Picky, I bring you some samples of recent spinning activity:

This yarn is from a fleece I purchased from one of my favourite etsy shops, MyMixMix. Monte spins up amazingly beautiful yarns and, recently, she has been destashing some fleece and some commercial yarns. This fleece was part of her destash. It is 100% targhee (a relative of merino) and comes from Mountain Colors. I started spinning this during one of our weekly Knit Nights and had several people drooling over the rich colours and fondling the fleece. I had a feeling it would be a good sell on Wee Ball Yarns, and indeed it sold within an hour of listing it.

Mountain Colors does not sell their fleece online but somehow, through Monte at MyMixMix and her wonderful friend, Martie (who has her own etsy shop TaosSunflowerToo), I have been able to get my grubby little paws on more of it. I am looking forward to spinning up more of this colourway and to trying out several others, all of which promise to be equally beautiful. Thank you Martie! Thank you Monte!

(In a funny side note, I noticed Monte's handspuns on etsy, fell in love with them and ordered a couple of skeins - I know it sounds crazy to buy other people's handspun when I can easily make my own, but I believe in sharing the wealth and supporting those who are making beautiful things when I can. Anyway! When I saw that she lived Taos, I sent her a note asking if she knew of Martie, who has become a good online friend of Shawn, of islandsweet fame. As it turned out, Monte worked with Martie when she had a yarn store in Taos and they are very good friends. So Shawn and I and Monte and Martie have been having a nice internet-provided friendship between New Mexico and Newfoundland. Can I get Carol involved? We'll see....)

But you want to see more yarn, I hear. Check it out:

Another Mountain Colors roving, chain plied. Targhee definitely "blooms" when you set the spin so I try to spin it very thin before plying. This is a DK weight.

This skein was spun from some of my sale fleece from Capistrano Fiber Arts. I have been spinning up the fleece that I have hand dyed as well, but I thought I would just share the chain plied yarn today.

Here is another one made from Capistrano Fiber Art fleece - gorgeous colours! Both these skeins are 80% merino, 20% kid mohair.

This is a two ply that I spun from 2 oz. of fleece painted like the above yarn and 2 oz. of a bonus fleece in reds and blues, then plied together. I really love the result and I am tempted to keep it for myself. Again, we'll see...


Blogless Janine alerted me that it is possible to find Mountain Colors rovings and a more thorough search did find two places that sell it online. Fortunately, I see that we still got a very good price and I see that some of the colors I liked best are not available at those bubble was almost burst for a minute there.

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