Thursday, August 06, 2009

No Excuses

Finn and Lucy are spending the day in Corner Brook at basketball camp. They don't have any special love of basketball. In fact, they have never really played it. But their buddy Eamon was participating in the camp and it was a chance to spend some time with him (and about 100 other kids), so they signed up. Who knows, maybe they will have a talent for it! It isn't totally impossible since their aunt (not on my side of the family - no question about that!) was the long standing record holder of most successful foul shots. Oh no, I probably messed that up! Anyway, she held or possibly still holds, some incredible record of getting the ball through the hoop regularly and with great accuracy for the Tufts University Lady Jumbos, long may they reign!

Maybe a hint of it rubbed off. In any case, they get to swim at the end of the day and they got to pick all the items that went in their lunch boxes, so they will be happy.

For myself, several hours of sweet solitude. What's first? Bread making? Check! Zazen? Check! Yoga? Getting there.... Editing my Spindle 7 footage? Ahhhhhhhhhhhh....nonononononono....Idon'twanttoIdon'twanttoIdon'twantto....

Ok, time to get to work! I am unhooking the internet

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