Monday, August 17, 2009


Ok, the last three aren't 100% truthful. I spun some yarn up to make a couple of flowers for a dress the artist Lulu Yee is making. (Sorry no link, she is seriously underrepresented on the web! If you are on ravelry, her name is Gramma - check out her projects and get a small sense of her work.) She asked that the flowers be "untame". I was so happy about how they came out that I spun another skein of yarn similar to the first.

And since I have already ruined my artistic photo spread by giving some written narration, I guess I should also add that no, I didn't transform black beans into fleece. Rumplestiltskin, I am not. I had read that one can use the water from soaking the beans to make dye, so I gave it a try. The colour isn't exactly what was promised but interesting nonetheless. And it would probably be great as a first layer for some over-dyeing, don't you think?

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Patti Blaine said...

Yes! I do think the black bean soak water would be a great under-dye. :) Beautiful photos, Robyn!