Friday, August 14, 2009

Woody Point Writers Festival

We are heading to Woody Point this morning...if I can get these lazy jabones out of bed, that is.

This week is the writer's festival in Woody Point, an event that draws quite an impressive crowd from around Canada and beyond. The West Coast Craft Collective was invited to set up our wares and sell them to this impressive crowd so several of our group have been up in Woody Point all week, setting up and manning the store. By necessity, my participation is limited - I can only ask so much of Finn and Lucy before they start to revolt.

In any case, we will be there all day today (assuming I get them up and moving). May the crowds of people be hungry for books and hungry for yarn and hats too.

PS. The image for the Writer's Festival poster is a mat hooked by one of our very talented group members, Molly White, who was born and raised and still lives in Woody Point.

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