Saturday, May 15, 2010

Comics Class with Rami Efal

This spring we have been hosting a small class at our house led by artist, Rami Efal. Rami is a dear friend and a very accomplished comic and graphic novel artist. I feel very lucky that he has the time to come each week and work with our children as they develop their drawing and story telling skills.

We started with an hour long class but quickly realized that more time was needed. The kids are completely absorbed in their work.

Rami's straight forward but gentle approach has made him something of a rock star in our household. He has a great way of listening and responding with respect to their ideas without a hint of condescension, a rare quality even among teachers.

Rami also is the creator of a newly published graphic novel, Never Forget, Never Forgive. It is a beautifully made work with a surprising story, although I can't pretend to know a lot about the genre. You can learn more about how it was made here. And then please go buy a copy here.

In November, Rami also is participating in a week-long multi-faith retreatin Auschwitz/Birkenau to bear witness at the site where several members of his family members were killed in the Holocaust in World War 2. The retreat will include meditation and Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Buddhist liturgical services, as well as a name-reading of victims. He will be reading the names of his grandparents siblings, mothers, fathers as well as the names of friends’ relatives who have fallen in the different wars of Israel.

To help pay for this trip, Rami has created the One-Face Project, where he will paint an ink portrait of a loved one and send it to you for a cost of $50. Check it out here.

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