Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The First Step

As I have probably mentioned once or twice, we begin our transcontinental voyage today. There will be stretches without internet access so I will be posting when I can. We have several stops before actually getting to the first knit together in Winnipeg on Tuesday, June 1st, including a stopover with the blogless Janine - knitter, spinner, and farmer extraordinaire. Also an amazing cook - she sent me a list of menu possibilities that was about a mile long, all of it homemade including cheese, bread, and more. She is a destination in and of herself.

More soon...

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OfTroy said...

I hope, every once in a while, we see some travelogs/essays from Finn and Lucy.

I have very strong memories of travel adventures from my childhood. Its refreshing to see the world through an child's eyes.