Monday, May 17, 2010

Phase IV and How It Sucks

The all-important atlas arrived this morning. It comes just as I am entering into a new phase in the project process (Canadian pronunciation, please - that would be pro-ject pro-cess). Like grieving and death, there seem to be five stages to every project I take on.

It goes like this:

Phase I - You know what would be a great idea....! Yes, this is such an amazing idea that it will be fantastic in every way imaginable. It really should involve as much work as possible to fully realize it or it won't be the amazing, great, fantastic idea that I know will be so fantastically amazing.

Phase II - I had better plan out this idea a little. Hmmm, seems like a lot of details and possibly a lot of work, but hey, it's such a great idea that it will totally be worth it. Plus, I'm not afraid of a little work. Ha! I thrive on it!

Phase III - I know this is a good idea but it is really difficult and is kind of screwing up my life right now. But I know it will be ok in the end. I sure am tired.

Phase IV - Holy sh*t, this is insane. Why did I ever think up this horrible idea? When will I ever be released from this living hell?

Phase V - thank god that's over. It was great, 'though.

Note: I am at phase IV right now.


OfTroy said...

phase IV aka transition.

Great ideas are dime a dozen. it is transition them from ideas to reality that is the hard work.

Remember child birth? Labor wasn't too bad.. but then there is transition.. (from labor (prep) to actual delivery. It was the worst.

and then, A baby! a new life life.

giving birth (to a new human being, or to a new work of art) is the hard part. Take a deep breath, control your breathing, and go on.
there is no stopping now!

island sweet said...

it will be great though...