Friday, May 14, 2010

Knitting Sprawl - Art For Your Brain

Amazingly enough, we are leaving for the second part of our traveling Trans-Canadian RV adventure in about 10 days. It feels a bit like a I crammed several years worth of work into the intervening six months between when we left off in Toronto and now, but here we are, maps in hand, and ready to go (sort of).

One thing about doing all those other projects in between has been that I have kind of forgotten what I was interested in with the whole Knitting Sprawl project. I know I had an idea in there somewhere. Like a rusty, creaky wheel, as I get myself back in touch with knitters in central and western Canada and start to plot out our drive, I feel the whole thing begin to move a little more smoothly with use. Maybe I do have some ideas worth pursuing. Huh.

One thing that always comes to the forefront for me about this project is the power of conversation. Increasingly, I am drawn towards making projects that result in this ephemeral situation rather than a concrete, material object. I like that what remains is a connection in your brain, which you can develop and change and remember or totally forget about. Making art in people's brain tissue...there's a concept!

In any case, in order to properly mess with your head, I need people to actually participate. I set up a group on ravelry for Knitting Sprawl and I hope, if you haven't already, you will join it now. I plan to post much more regularly there so that people who have already participated in the project can talk with those who might in the coming weeks. I think there is a lot to talk about.

I just put up a new question, so please take a look and be part of the conversation.

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OfTroy said...

your comments remind me of Dali's famous piece--The Persistance of Memory-- a piece of art a few know by name, but ALMOST every remembers--(the melting pocket watches on the ground and in tree branches.)

ART does get in you mind! and it does change how you think. or it should!