Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mirror, Mirror

Thank you to the commenters to yesterday's post. Admittedly I posted that in frustration with what I perceived to be the ginormous sense of entitlement that I sometimes observe in my children, with yesterday morning's behavior being high on the life's list. Although we exist in a land of plenty over here in our household, my children actually have a fraction of the stuff that most North American children have (no TV, no computer games, no Wii, blah, blah, blah) yet they still go about with a sense of "I deserve this and more." It can be a little overwhelming in how it makes me feel. But as Nathan said, and I know in my heart, they will get it when they get it. And who knows, maybe a little of the anger and discomfort I feel observing their awe-inspiring self-centered attitude comes from seeing myself reflected back.

Ouch! I hate it when my kids do that!

Oh ego, you are so large and so clever. Is it possible to feel egotistical about your own ego? I wonder...

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Nathan said...

Entitlement is tough to handle, especially when you feel you are one who wants to develop beyond such things. I see little entitlements crop up in myself most days, and it certainly helps explain my frustration with the extremes I see in others and our society. I can't be liberated until I accept that I, too, play the entitlement game.