Friday, May 07, 2010

More Unconditional Yes Images

Can you stand it?

Michele Cohen, the director of the Trustman Gallery at Simmons College recently sent me a CD with a bunch of new images from the exhibition. She had generously lent me her camera when I forgot my own. I know, such professionalism.

Here are a sampling. I hope you enjoy them!

These were two of the loans to the exhibition. On top are the pair of shoes that were worn at Michele's wedding. The bottom is a sweater knit by the donor's mother for one of her children. She felt it represented her feelings towards her own children - the kind of unconditional love that she felt as a mother.

These three items include a wedding photograph loaned by the president of Simmons College, a dress made of post-it notes and newspaper made a student who works in the fashion industry and has embraced unconventionality. The third item on the right was a late donation and I don't remember exactly the story behind it.

Here we have nail polish, which cracked me up, a basketball, and one person's representation of her dog.

Each of the loaned items had a story that was written down and included in a notebook in the gallery, so it was possible to walk around and read about each thing on view.

Here is a view of the commemorative porcelain pieces I made for the exhibition based on items I found in the archives. Only a couple of people really noticed them or made mention of them to me but I found them rather amusing. They were a bit peripheral to the central idea of the exhibition.

A shot of the floor of the living room, which was made from overlapping afghans. It was a great colour story happening.

The living room was centered in the gallery, taking advantage of the unique architecture of the space, including these amazing sky lights that made the room glow from within. So lovely. (Also a lamp shade that I covered.)

This is my mom, Rachel Heller, and me in the living room. Rachel was the student who organized the knitted trail up to the gallery. She also is an artist and the person behind the nail polish donation. She was a student in the arts administration class that I worked with - such a wonderful group of engaged, strong women.

This was one of the ways that we tried to go beyond the walls of the gallery and into the greater Simmons community in a physical way. I made up images that were placed in all the napkin dispensers in the campus dining facilities. I chose archival photographs of notable alumnae and put their names and class dates on them.

A detail shot.

PS. At the suggestion of the fabulous Rachel Heller, I made a fan page for myself on facebook. If you are on the dreaded FB, please join up! I suspect I will be using it as part of our central/western Canada Knitting Sprawl adventure.

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