Thursday, July 15, 2010


There is nothing like having people visit from away to make the old seem new again. Shawn is a veteran, with many visits to NYC under her belt. But for her 10 year-old grandson, Eamon, everything was brand new. Although he lives in the largest city in Newfoundland, he really hadn't experienced a large city before. As we went around the city, visiting sites large and important, as well as ones that were more out of the way, it was often the trip to our destination that made an impression more than the place itself. It is so easy to forget what an amazing thing it is to take a ride on the subway or sit in Central Park eating ice cream on a hot day. Or catch fireflies in the backyard and walk over to get an Italian ice after supper.

I know Shawn will have many more (and better, no doubt!) pictures. But here a few of mine.

We planned to visit places in one borough/day.

On our Brooklyn Day, we started at the Botanical Gardens.

Rain couldn't stop us from enjoying every moment.

Then we moved on to Fairway in Red Hook for lunch and a view of the Statue of Liberty. I know some might say, "You took them to Fairway in Red Hook??" But lunch on their back porch overlooking NY Harbour was fantastic. And since Fairway is so far and away different from any place to buy food in Corner Brook, Shawn was enjoying seeing so much amazing food in one place.

Who are these lovely children?

Then a quick aside to Brooklyn General. Shawn made it clear that this trip wasn't about her but about showing Eamon the city. But since Brooklyn General was a six-minute ride from Fairway, it seemed to make sense to drop by, just, you know, in case they had something special that day. And they did! Shawn found some hard-to-find angelina in various colours. Coming soon to islandsweet yarns!

The kids waited very patiently.

Somehow, for three days, they talked non-stop. We did so much and yet, it didn't feel rushed or stressed. Everything just felt fresh.

The carousel in Flushing Meadows Corona Park.


Marshall Arts said...

looks like everyone had a wonderful time!! what a great visit...when I come to NYC, I'm letting you know :)

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