Thursday, July 01, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

This is our first year in quite some while that we are missing Canada Day in Newfoundland. I guess we will have to have our own, more quiet celebration in Sunnyside. We returned there yesterday, safe and sound (and profoundly tired).

Today also is my birthday. Lucy wrote me a poem as a present and I share it here with you.

Mom is nice.
She likes to laugh
and kill seals with a gaff*.
Mom is nice.
It's fun to hike with her
even in the winter.
I love Mom,
even though she is sometimes like a bomb.
Mom is nice,
to say the least.

* Newfoundland insider reference....a gaff is the long stick with which sealers traditionally used to kill seals. I don't really kill seals, but it is a good rhyme with laugh.


Nathan said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy!

OfTroy said...

welcome home to Queens--and Happy Birthday.