Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Darwinian Destash

As part of the prep work for subletting my studio, I am going through my stash of fabrics, yarns, and trimmings to see what I can weed out. Let me tell you, it is all survival of the fittest over here. Even the slightest flaw gets that item relegated to the destash pile.

First to go are three cones of trimmings that come from I don't know where. They are lovely, don't get me wrong. People want these trimmings. They love these trimmings. But I want them out of my life.

Very pretty crocheted lace trim. This one made me pause with my hand over it....stay or go? Go! There are approx. 72 yds of this beauty.

These are two braid trimmings. I really don't know why I have these at all since I have never had a reason to use them. Away with you! Lots of yardage here too - each one has about 100 yds.

I have listed them in my etsy shop for what I think is a fairly good bargain. If you think I am being too greedy, let me know and I will lower the price.

Coming soon - lots and lots of Jamieson and Smith 2 ply jumper weight shetland wool. I have a skein of nearly every colour, so if you are needing just one more to finish your project, please let me know. I probably have it. I ordered this yarn way back when at the very, very beginning of my Knitting Sprawl adventures, before I really had a clue of what I wanted to do beyond knit suburbia as fair isle patterns. I took Alice Starmore's advice and ordered one of each colour to experiment with. My experiments mainly told me that I really don't love Jamieson and Smith's yarn. Is it sacrilege to say that? Perhaps, but truthfully, I thought it broke easily and wasn't that pleasant to handle.

But that's just me.

You love it. You want it. I have it. You need it.

Call me, darling. It's waiting for you.

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Taos Sunflower said...

OH boy...I need to do all that when I get back to Taos. I bet it's going to feel good when you've gotten rid of all the extras.