Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hand Towels of the Apocalypse and Other Disasters

My dear, dear readers! I am so happy that so many have been in touch about participating in the project for the Maker Faire. I will be finalizing the details over the next couple of days and I will post information early next week. I feel hopeful that we may actually be able to do this thing!

I have been quiet for several days because we had some unexpected things come up - most importantly, Dan's parents were in a car accident in Maine. While their injuries are not life threatening, at their age (83 and 92), any injury has the potential to be life threatening. They are home now and ever so slowly getting better. Fortunately, Dan and his siblings are tip top at stepping in during a time of crisis. And they are the best planners and organizers, bar none. So, in addition to having our fall plans changed rather suddenly, we have been working out who can be where and when to help out with the care of Dan's mom and dad. Send some healing thoughts their way if you are so inclined.

Additional to that, Dan himself needed to have surgery, which happened this morning. So, at least, we are on the other side of things with everyone working towards getting better, not worse.

Meanwhile, I have dug into my case of yarn and renewed my acquaintance with my size N crochet hook.

Also, I have been working on a new piece for an exhibition titled Drill, Baby, Drill at Gowanus Edge Curatorial Exchange. I am creating a set of Hand Towels for the Apocalypse. Seeing as it opens next week, it might be nice to get started with that, eh? If you are in town, drop by for the opening on September 2nd from 6 to 9 p.m. Click here for details.


dorina said...

oh my goodness . . your plate is so full. i send you prayers and positive energy and hugs.

Robyn said...

Thanks so much Dorina - very sweet of you. I have it easy compared to Dan's parents so there is nothing to complain about. But I appreciate your kind thoughts. XOX

Taos Sunflower said...

Sending all good thoughts your way. Dan must come from an awesome gene pool if his parents are still driving around at 83 and 92!

Robyn said...

Thanks Martie! I have been telling Dan the same thing - he has some great genes. His parents are doing amazingly well, all things considered.