Monday, August 02, 2010

Goal Oriented

Dear Blog,

Help! I am being held captive by a crazed maniac with a giant sword! It is just Finnian with his new, um, creation. He has been begging to get the materials to make a sword for games that he plays with other homeschoolers in Central Park. They are live role playing games or something like that, but the main point seems to be that everyone runs around for hours hitting each other with styrofoam swords. On the plus side, I have never seen anyone hit anyone else in anger so I think it is an ok way for children to use play to act out aggression while understanding the difference between that and actual violence. (This is my 13 years of watching boyhood develop talking - I never would have said that 13 years ago.) Anyway, Finnian made careful designs for this sword, most of which were centered on making it as large as possible. I think it is safe to say that he has succeeded in his goal. He also may have succeeded in using the most duct tape outside of the Red Green Show.

Hey, we all gotta have our goals. For some, it is to make the largest weapon imaginable, while for others it is to add one new yarn to their etsy shop each day.

Done and done.


Jeff said...

Is the phrase you want "live action role playing", called by its acronym LARP? (So that participants are 'larpers'.) My friend the TV critic told me something about this; there might be a documentary about them out there.

Robyn said...

Yes! LARP is it! I couldn't remember the "A" word....thank you!