Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Totally Gluten-Free Post

Dan is nearing his sixth month without eating wheat. Despite being told when he was a child that he had a wheat allergy, he continued to eat it all of his 46 years. He didn't have high hopes for much change when he decided to try a wheat-free diet. In fact, I am sure he was wishing nothing would change so he could continue to eat all the wonderful things that include wheat - a large part of his overall diet. When, within three days, he was feeling noticeably "better," which is to say, like a toxin was leaving his body, he wasn't completely thrilled. Wheat-free is hard. Not impossible, just hard.

Almost six months later, he is a changed man. He no longer has asthma. Did I just write that? Yes, I did. The man with the lifelong, chronic and occasionally serious asthma almost never experiences any symptoms anymore. He leaves home without his inhaler, such is the change that has happened. As if that isn't enough, he now says he can recognize between feeling "good" and feeling "bad." If that doesn't make much sense to you, then be happy about the state of your own health. Dan was in such a perpetual state of poison that he never knew what it was like to feel good. Now he does. He has lost 20lbs and his skin looks healthy. Also, he is happier and nicer, which makes our whole family happier and nicer.

If I sound like I have the enthusiasm of a convert, let me tell you friends, he's been SAVED!

Here are some wheat-free muffins (oatmeal, raisin, walnut, maple muffins, thanks for asking) I made yesterday. One thing Dan misses, beside wheezing and feeling horrible, is something to which he could apply butter. He wasn't much of a muffin man before, but now he has found muffin love, wheat-free style.


Marshall Arts said...

I've cut out wheat and dairy on and off for my eczema. It is hard, being a bread and cheese lover and it's been a few years since I was that strict about diet. But a lovely side effect of cutting out those two things is dropping some extra weight...oh, yeah, and feeling better :)

knix said...

Congrates on the wonderful results and happy health. I think there are so many people suffering from the symptoms which Dan had and continue medicating themselves...good for you for being diligent with it Dan and it's great to have the support of family and yummy homemade wheat free baking!
Looking forward to seeing you soon Robin

michelle said...

After years of denial even while raising a wheat allergic son, I've been off gluten 1 1/2 weeks and there's a HUGE difference in how I feel. sigh.Your grateful for feeling better but as the allergist told me years ago, you crave what makes you ill. And yeah, that butter vehicle...So I'll be happy with greatly improved health!

OfTroy said...

The change is noticable to me--
He looked so much happier and relaxed in the photo's of Vancouver--than he ever looked in person (and i've just met him twice!) or in any other photo's (the Pencil Project, for example.)
He looks younger too.

Make it an adventure--there is delicious pasta made with chestnut flour--(wheat free) --and very traditional. there are LOTs of choices, and lots of cookbooks.

I've eaten gluten/wheat free breakfast cakes (i won't call them pancakes--they are nothing like pancakes--) but they are good if you call them breakfast griddle cakes.. (and don't expect a pancake!) there are lots of choices today--

you can make muffins with so many ingredients --and there are some GREAT recipes for chocolate cakes..
the best have NO flours --but easy ones sub nut flour (hazelnut or almond--both available from Trader Joe's for wheat flour--light as clouds, and super yummy.
(trust me to know the desserts best!)