Thursday, August 05, 2010

Running Hot and Cold

Please pardon the interruption in the fibre fest with some local politics. I was feeling a little like Anthony Weiner yesterday.

My head is a bit cooler today, although the temperatures are back up into the soupy region of the thermometer. However, let us sink back into some soft, fuzzy goodness.

Yes, that's the ticket.

You may remember this lovely skein from back in, I dunno, December '09. I just listed it on Wee Ball Yarns. Still as pretty as the day we met.

These are some little skeins I made up a while back when I thought I would participate in the Phat Fiber gift box. But I could never make enough little skeins to meet their minimum, and frankly, who am I kidding? I can't keep a steady inventory of yarn going and I honestly can't build up or maintain a customer base. I had a realization in these past few days, which was that this spinning thing of mine is as close to a hobby as I may ever get. It feels weird to say that - somehow decadent and yet very bourgeois. Ah well, so be it.

These are some "all natural" undyed skeins.

Oh my goodness...all this wool. A cool breeze is needed! I am sweating just looking at these pictures!

Ahhh....that's better. This is Wee Ball island in the Bay of Islands - the namesake for my wee etsy shop. So lovely, so mysterious. This photograph was taken by Shawn's partner, Keith, a couple of winter's ago. I look forward to catching this view this coming winter.

Ok, back to the yarn...

More mini-skeins. I will be listing these in the next couple of days.

Ei, ei, ei! I need winter!

This was Wave Hill last winter during my residency. Wasn't it beautiful? I confess that I was driving behind an air conditioning repair truck today that had pictures of snowy landscapes all over it and I had a moment of genuine longing. But I am, as a friend recently put it, a winter fanatic.

Enough drifting into wants and desires: here are a little pair of slippers I made with yarn spun out of some hand dyed fibre I bought in Berlin a couple of years ago.


But I think I would rather eat a live chicken than put them on my feet right now.


Anonymous said...

it's OK,

I will play with the wool and wear the booties - its still freezing here, and the ocean is brisk but chilly.

Jan Morrison said...

ah, it is hot here too. I should be out helping the one haul chicken shit out of the coop but I cannnn't (she whines). And the damn garden can take care of itself - all the lettuces bolting all over the place. Hmmm...should check to see if any of the first year strawberries are ripe though!
Are you on the rock or the island? (newf. or manhatten for you lurkers)

Robyn said...

Hi Jan,

Nice to get your comment and sympathy. Sometimes the heat just takes the oomph right out of you....

We are still in NYC but will be rock-bound on 9/10. Cool breezes await! Hope some head your way too.