Sunday, December 05, 2010

Blow, Wind, Blow

The wind is blowing a gale today. The house gets a pounding as the wind comes over the mountains, across the bay, up the hill and hits our little abode. No mercy from the wind.

While I listen to the roar, I have some pictures to share.

Look! Local wool! Yes, the rarest of beasts found at the Templeton Academy craft fair. The craft fair revealed a certain truth that, if everyone has access to only a limited supply of materials, it is hard to distinguish the final results. Table after table of nearly identical quilts, aprons, and table runners. Lovely and well-made, but clearly everyone shops at the same place for fabric. For me, one table beamed out of the fog of Christmas patterns and squashberry jam - skeins of wool stacked in a small pile along side socks and mitts made from said wool. Although the woman behind the table and I seemed to speaking different languages, I did get that it came from her own sheep. She was selling it at a painfully low price (as was everything - it drives me crazy! I saw a XL woman's Aran sweater with amazingly complex cable work on sale for $45! I wanted to shout at the woman who made it - You are bringing everyone down when you price like that. Have some respect for your own incredible talents. It is a message that is heard very reluctantly here.) Anyway, I bought up some yarn and felt happy to have made a connection to local wool. Long may it continue.

Look! Lucy is knitting socks! She turned the heel like a seasoned expert. She also is working on a cowl with cables that is just lovely (all are destined to be presents). Sniff, sniff, I am so proud of little baby is kick-ass knitter.

And then we went into the woods and burned things.

We went over to our dearest of dear friends, Olive's house. They had a lot of brush left from gathering wood for the winter, so we made a bonfire.


Then we went back to her house for a little snack (a visit with Olive always, always, always includes food). Here is a photograph of her cat, L'il Puss. L'il Puss clearly enjoys her l'il snacks, so much so that we have taken to calling her Mega Puss. The picture does not even accurately depict L'il Puss's girth.

Before we could take on a phsyique similar to L'il Puss, we fled into the night, smokey but very happy.


OfTroy said...

I love Lucy's socks (and the sock yarn!) and yeah--Yesterday there was a discussion on Ravelry, were one knitter claimed "no one will pay $75 for a hat" --

Its sad but true, so many see so little value in hand knits (or hand spun, or hand painted yarns.)

It that love grey hand spun?

Robyn said...

Lucy's sock yarn is Paton's Kroy, which always makes me think of you, Helen.

I have sold hats for $75, but it is a rare occasion!

The local yarn isn't handspun - they send the fleece to a mill in PEI to be processed and spun. But it is lovely! Not even that scratchy, which other local I have encountered tended to be.