Friday, December 10, 2010

Someone Call Mad Men

This is our local lumber yard and hardware store. It is locally owned, staffed by very knowledgeable people most of whom do not treat women like idiots (I said most, not all!), and they deliver. I love Stan Dawe.

But who are their marketing people? "A cut about the rest"? I don't think so. Wouldn't it be much better if it said:

"I Stand in Awe of Stan Dawe"

There also is a real estate agent in Corner Brook named Linda Freake but does she use the slogan, "Get Your Freake On"? No, she does not.

Sigh. So much work to do.

But look! Snow!

It is a balm for the wounds left by missed opportunity.


sharkseason said...

A friend of my parents has the last name "Freake". She moved to the Mainland and they lost touch up until a few years ago. That's when she was introduced to them by a mutual acquaintance as Ms. Freake (pronounced: Free-ack-ee). I guess she wanted to run away from her NL roots.......

Robyn said...

Yah, I guess "Get your Free-ack-ee On" isn't quite as catchy. But no copyright issues!

OfTroy said...

A shades of Lefak construction company (lef rack)(know for low income and middle income apartment projects) wanted to upgrade its image, and became the laughing stock of NYC with its name change to "Le Fac"!

but we might have snow tonight too, (OK just a dusting), but its been cold! it never made it above freezing yesterday, and today, just (34°/1°C)

dorinalouise said...

the snow is soooo beautiful. enjoy!