Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Solstice!

These photographs of the lunar eclipse were taken by our friend and talented artist/naturalist, Ed Lam, in Eastchester, NY. It was too cloudy here to see anything.

It has been cloudy, warm and windy. No white Christmas for this corner of the world. But it could be worse: I could be one of the many people stuck in North Sydney, NS, waiting for the ferry to be able to cross the Cabot Strait of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and get home for Christmas. For the second week in a row, the windy conditions have held up ferry service. The ferry is the lifeline to the island - food, mail, and people all need the ferry, which is basically the Trans-Canada highway between Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. When it doesn't run, the trucks and cars line up and you just have to wait -there is nothing to be done. Even this could be worse, however. Sometimes the weather changes while the ferry is out on its run (typically a seven-hour voyage) and it can't dock in Port aux Basques. Then, the ferry must wait it out, sometimes for days, in a safe harbour. One can only imagine what that is like!

But all is well here...

Lucy is finishing up her socks - just turning the heel now.

Finn is making a fire. After swinging sharp, sword-like implements around, burning things is his second favourite activity.

We get ready for the arrival of his nibs tomorrow evening with fingers crossed that air travel isn't disrupted like the ferry.

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Nathan said...

you want some snow? we have almost two feet of it here.