Friday, December 03, 2010

Links I Like

Yesterday, Dan called me and asked, "Are you alright?" with a worried tone in his voice. He was a little concerned I might have fallen off the deep end after that last post.

Whaa? Can't a girl have a cussin' and fightin' kind of morning once in a while?

Anyway, to move on to more positive things...I have spotted some fantastic things around the interwebs; things that don't rely on fancy photographic tricks to make them beautiful either (god, will she ever give up??), and I thought I would share them.

First, two lovely treasuries on etsy, featuring, among other things, my recently spun skeins of yarn. Find them here and here. Click and enjoy.

Then, I discovered that a Finnish natural dyer that I admire greatly, Riihivilla, now sells kits of naturally dyed yarn and original patterns for mitts. Oh, how to choose just one? For what it is, I thought she priced them fairly reasonably, although I didn't look at shipping costs.

Oh yes, and click here for a glimpse into current Newfoundland politics. I knew Danny Wiliams had amazing hair, but I didn't know he was so short.

And possibly the funniest thing I have come across in a long, long while: Werner Herzog reading Madeline. Did you like that? Then go hear him read Mike Mulligan and His Stream Shovel. "Living in the dark with nothing but his guilt and Marianne's twisted and deformed remains..." How can you not love this?

On a more serious note, and perhaps most importantly of all, I am happy to share the new website for Dzong Mar Mountain Hermitage. It is being developed by an American-born Tibetan nun in New Mexico. She is still raising money for this project through donations and through sales of her beautiful yarn and hand-painted fleece on etsy. You can read a bit about the history of the project and the plans for its future there.

Finally, here is a link to Lucy's shop on - SodiaPopShop. She doesn't blog often, but she does have t-shirts!

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