Thursday, December 02, 2010

This F*cking Moment

Several of the blogs I like to read now include a weekly feature called "This Moment", inspired by a weekly feature of the same name created by Amanda Soule, whose well-known blog, Soulemama, is a source of inspiration to many. "This Moment" is posted on Friday and it consists of one photograph that is chosen because it depicts and conveys an appreciation for what is happening right now - this moment. If you look at her blog, she definitely has a keen eye for visual composition and colour not to mention is a genius in her use of large aperture/short depth of field. Why is that so damn appealing? Jared Flood, over at Brooklyn Tweed, is a master of it too. I don't know why, but I eat it up like candy.

Even as I am totally seduced by Ms. Soulemama and her short depth of field photographs, there is something that makes me want to smash through her perfect, tireless life of crafting, child rearing, vintage fabrics, organic gardening and homemade jelly. She never, ever lets on that anyone ever screams bad names at each other in her household. No one ever makes an unpicturesque mess or makes a meal of potato chips and then feels sick. No one ever farts or walks around with something green between their teeth all day. It's like her shit don't stink, as someone I used to know liked to say.

I sometimes get a similar feeling when I spend too much time involved with Waldorf-based programs. We once took a handwork class at a very hoity-toity Waldorf shop on the Upper East Side that inevitably made me want to arrive carrying some stinky McDonald's Happy Meal, scratch myself in inappropriate places and talk about my deep love of refined sugar, plastic and video games. The fact that I would rather starve than eat a Happy Meal, I hate plastic and would never play a video game if you paid me only made it worse.

Because my shit do stink. Even as I also love crafting and child rearing, jelly making and organic gardening, we shout at each other and make ugly messes and occasionally eat crappy food and generally live lives that are beautiful and hideous, at the same time. This moment? This moment might break your heart for its poignant profundity, or it might make you curl your lip in disgust.

As I took these photographs yesterday, I thought about how I could make a perfect Soulemama blog post. Then I thought, bullshit!

So, I present to you my "This F*cking Moment" photograph, the first and last in a series. And just to be a total bee-atch about it (and give myself one more opportunity to include a curse word in this post), I am doing it on a Thursday.

So there!

But, you know, I do really love that photograph....


Sonya Philip said...

We just have to meet.

Robyn said...

Yes, it is fated.

Nathan said...

this is really funny, and i love the poking at the "purity" crowds out there.

that website you cited feels like candy to me. too nice, too pretty, too blissed out.

OfTroy said...

I am the lucky one! I have both of you in my life! Each of you is amazing, in your own way!

Jan Morrison said...

bwhahahaha! yes. that's all I can say. yes. one perfect frigging moment.

Patti Blaine said...

Oh Robyn. I love you! :) And I'm kind of hoping there's a whole series of Thursday F*ing Moments.

knix said...

Well said...rock on to organic gardening, blissful baby raising, healthy food, and the making of things we use...but lets be realistic...I often think about her "behind the scenes!"
Thanks for that one :)