Thursday, December 09, 2010

Top 5

Yesterday I was very surprised and happy to learn that The House Museum was listed as one of the top five cultural destinations in Newfoundland and Labrador by Angela Antle, host of the CBC Weekend Arts Magazine program, in the Newfoundland and Labrador Book of Everything.

Have to say that I have noticed a shift in the general reception for the project around town as well. From not tossing out the sign I had attached to our road sign when the town replaced it this summer (they very kindly and carefully reattached it to the new sign) to the Town Manager asking me, with a note of anticipation in her voice, "You didn't open the museum last summer...but you will this year, right?", well, it all gets me thinking.

Like Newfoundland itself, The House Museum project is ever-changing. The questions that want asking are different now than they were even five years ago. The project needs a new direction and I am trying to keep my eyes wide open so I can find it.

What are the other Top 5 destinations? Check them out!

King's Point Pottery and Craft Shop (Linda Yates and David Hayashida)
Norton's Cove (Janet Davis)
Paterson Woodworking (Mike Paterson)
Luben Boykov's foundry (sorry, couldn't find a link!)


dorinalouise said...

very cool, robyn. after all the hard work with the museum, it must feel nice to really be a part of the community. but, i think, it must feel a little like alice crossing to the other side of the looking glass.

i put a few pics up of janet's costumes:

OfTroy said...

A little field of dreams..
If you make it, they will come.

But--what have you started? with 5 top sited now, will Newfie-land become a sight seeing mecca? will more visitors change the culture?
will it become better off (financially) but worse off (more commercial)?

Oh how little things change the world!


Robyn said...

Thanks for posting those photos Dorina, although I want to examine each costume close up...Janet is so amazing! She has created professional level costumes.

And thanks for your comment. I was worried that I might have offended you with post...

Robyn said...

Helen, it is exactly what you describe that spurred a lot of my thinking about THM. Amazingly enough, Newfoundland has undergone huge changes since I started the project in 2001. It is still far less touristy than even neighboring Nova Scotia, but it is much more than when I first visited in 1997 and light years from how it was when others I know came in the 1970s. happens!