Friday, October 14, 2011

A Banner Day

It is my most wonderful daughter's birthday today, marking the day when we officially have two teenagers at home.  What can I say?  Lucy is great:  she is funny, smart, and a fast knitter, and she has one of the most generous natures of anyone I have ever met.   Happy birthday Lucy!

To celebrate, and to celebrate the arrival of our two new kittens, I want to turn your attention to this film festival happening this very weekend here in NYC.  

Yes, it is a film festival of cute cat videos!  You've spent hours watching them on youtube, now come see them at the Anthology Film Archives.  The program actually seems to go beyond Maru and his boxes into some interesting territory.  

I would post some cute cat photos of my own except that my *brand* *new* *Korean* camera's battery has run down and the charger has a European style plug on it so I need to get an adapter for North American use.  Also, the kitties have been mostly hiding in dark places and sneezing.  Unfortunately, they picked up head colds at the shelter so I spend most of my time with them trying to corner them and force antibiotics in their mouths with a syringe.  I am sure it is some kind of bonding ritual, but is it the good kind?

That's the kitty sniffle update...have a great weekend!

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