Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Vow (with apologies to the wool industry)

The Kitty Cat Sniffle Update is positive - both cats seem to be back to good health.  We shall not speak of how I administered a topical antibiotic to Olive orally by mistake and spent some tense hours believing that I had killed the cat we had just adopted.  Both of us lived to tell the tale, which is all that needs to be said.  There is no knowing if said action contributed to the fact that Olive has been much slower to feel comfortable and trust us, but really, what do you think?  At least they are snoozing on top of the bed instead of under it now.  This seems to be their daylight hours position.  Nighttime is spent racing up and down the stairs, wrestling with each other and knocking things off of shelves.  Good and proper kitten behavior.

For myself, I too race up and down stairs and knock things off of shelves regularly but I am a little light on the wrestling.  All for the best, no doubt.  

After cleaning out my fibre closet in the basement, which had spilled out of its boundaries in a rather alarming way, I finally got my spinning mojo back.  It had taken a little siesta not unlike the above kittens.  But it is back, and not a moment too soon because my clean-up revealed a shocking amount of raw fleece.  Where did it all come from?  Somebody needs to put girlfriend's paypal account on lockdown.

Consider it done.  I hereby vow that no fleece shall enter this house until the supply that exists here and now is well used up.  A public declaration!  Hold me to it, people.


island sweet said...

now that's some mighty fine spinning!

Patti Blaine said...

Consider your lovely be-sock-ed feet held to the fire! Spin!!

dorinalouise said...

ha ha! i don't know. i'm rather poor at sticking to such proclamations. but maybe you will be an inspiration!

the kittens are so sweet and beautiful . . !

can't wait to see some of that beautiful handspun!