Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kittens and Flowers

This morning I thought I would write a post in response to two of Shawn's recent posts over at islandsweet.  She has been mourning the passing of autumn into winter in Newfoundland, even going as far as to suggest that all the colour is quickly leaving and that she will have to find her inspiration from her collection of sketchbooks rather than the natural world.  I wanted to assure Shawn that winter is full of colour albeit in a minimal palette, but the colour is there if you look.  For me, it is the season that is most inspirational.  

Alas, I also have a friend who was born and raised in Houston, TX, who believes that 90F/32C and 90% humidity is the best kind of weather.  This friend actually thinks that sweating makes you feel fresh and invigorated.  

Fresh and invigorating is a good Arctic wind and recent snowfall.  But we shall have to agree to disagree.  

Just look at the consequences when you take the other route:

Note Webster's jaws locking on Olive's head.  No, we don't need more of that in the world.

Peace, love and understanding (and glowing toenail polish) is what we need.

Also ikebana.  After a long (too long!) respite, ikebana is back!  Yep, it's gonna be all kittens and flowers from now on.

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island sweet said...

i think more than the loss of (vibrant) colour, it's the loss of light that i mourn. i always feel better in january when the days start getting longer. without light there is no colour... bring on the crazy kittens. xxx