Monday, October 17, 2011

A Simpleton and A Dullard

Once I mentioned at the dinner table that I suspected that someone who I had recently met thought of me as a simpleton.  Lucy said, "what's a simpleton?"  And Finn responded with, "Ummm...Lucy.....?"

Today I must confess to being a dullard.  My camera still isn't charged so I have no new photos to share and, frankly, no new nothing to share.  I am spending all my time getting the house in order, keeping Finn and Lucy on track with their activities so that they do not become simpletons, and administering antibiotics to kittens.  It is not exactly juicy blog fodder.

My apologies.

As an offering to you in the hopes that you won't give up on me (I will get that adapter so I can charge the camera battery!), here are a few blog posts from others that I have recently enjoyed:

First, from the ever-wonderful Kate Davies, a post about new book about Shetland knitting that she had a hand in making.  It is put out by Jamieson & Smith in Shetland.  At the moment, you get free shipping from the UK, so take advantage!

Second, from Joanne Mattera, a post about how artists can fundraise for projects with integrity and ingenuity.  It is chock-full of great ideas and sound advice.

Finally, if you already aren't a follower of Shawn over islandsweet, may I recommend you head over there and read about her experiences teaching dyeing and spinning in Jackson's Arm, Newfoundland.  The town, which is slowly dying, is trying to tap into the remarkable talents of its women to create a new economy.  Shawn is helping them develop some new skills as part of that process.  It is a fascinating project and Shawn tells it with beautiful photographs.

Have fun and I promise to return with more sparkling, witty posts soon.

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island sweet said...

even when you're not entertaining us, you're entertaining us. xxx