Thursday, October 20, 2011

There is More

Accomplishment!  Not only did I purchase a $1.50 adapter for my camera charger, but I finished the socks knit from Zauerball yarn.  I started them in the spring, was sidetracked by, oh, 700 crocheted and knit squares, and finished them a couple of days ago.  They are the best fitting socks I have made to date.  They are nice and snug, which made me realize that I usually knit socks too loosely.  There is a good amount of yarn left over so I think my next sock project (they are the perfect subway knitting) will be a combination of leftovers to make a pair for Lucy, who complained that I "never" make her anything.  

I will add that to the list of how I "refused" to allow her and Finn to learn Japanese and how I "never" let her take up a musical instrument.

Webster thinks otherwise.


OfTroy said...

Oh what a mean mother you are--to deny your children japanese (you know there is a saturday japanese school at St Francis Prep HS(LIE and Francis Lewis Blvd)?) Your socks are beautiful1

Robyn said...

Thanks for the tip-off Helen. They were working with a tutor who was a native speaker but she moved away. Despite my best efforts to prevent them from learning, they started using Rosetta Stone while we were in Newfoundland. It was quickly clear that it is much better to have a person teach you than a computer.

Isn't the goal of homeschooling to prevent learning from happening? And how Lucy got hold of that guitar, I will never know!