Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Getaway From The Getaway

We find ourselves on the east coast of the island.  A friend was looking for companionship on a drive across the island, and one airbnb search later, Lucy, her friend, Hannah, and I were barreling down the Trans-Canada, sipping our coffee from the Deer Lake Tim Hortons.

As someone who drove nearly across the continent and back alone, I was patiently generous with my friend's need to have someone else along.  You might even call it a bit patronizing...until we actually had a flat tire and were standing on the side of the two lane highway with 18-wheelers charging past us.  Thank goodness that never happened on my trip!  And extra thank goodness for the kindness and genuine generousity of one man who stopped his 18-wheeler and put the spare tire on for us, then directed us to a place where we could get the tire more permanently repaired.  Buddy did it all with good cheer and incredible efficiency then hopped back in his truck and was gone.  We were so grateful!  Somehow his skill and attitude made what could have been very stressful and disastrous into a 20 minute minor diversion.  Thank you, kind sir!

And then, we were here.

Our friend is in St. John's but I am not so interested in St. John's.  We are a little more than an hour south of St. John's in a town called Kingman's Cove.  It makes Gillams seem like a bustling metropolis. But that is exactly what I wanted.

It is possible to be here and not hear any cars in the distance.  None!  Not even a little.  It's a beautiful place.  We have one more day and then back to our wild life and that Bay of Islands bump and grind.  

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