Monday, July 22, 2013

Nature...Or, Run For Your Life

Now that the project for Saskatoon is behind me, and the next big one isn't until next spring, I am spending the rest of our time here enjoying what it has to offer - a whole lotta natural beauty.  The Type A in me also wants to list all the other things I will be doing but - deep breath - I am just going to let that go.  If you wish to believe that I will be lounging around under a tree, reading a book for the next five weeks, so be it.  And frankly, that doesn't sound like the worst fate.

Lucy and I took a hike up behind our house yesterday evening.  There is a trail that goes all the way up to Gros Morne, if you have the shoe leather and the stamina for it.  But we just go to the community pasture to check out the goats and sheep (there weren't any this year - wonder why?) and to this always-strange abandoned racetrack and ball field.  It lived up to is strangeness last night by being host to a cow and a bull grazing, unencumbered by any fencing.  As much as we were intrigued, we kept our distance...that bull was mighty big and had some horns that looked like serious business.  They barely glanced our way so we were probably being overly cautious, but hey - we're city slickers.

We walked home via the highway.  There is a point where the road is cut from such a steep slope down to the bay that the tree tops of the hill beneath are just above road level.  This is where some osprey have their nests.  Last night, two of them started making a lot of noise and circling around us as we walked by.  These osprey fish in the bay right at our beach and we have seen them dive bomb the fish often.  As one of them put its wings into dive bomb position, both Lucy and I started running and shouting, "we come in peace!" and maybe "help!"  I was waiting to feel the claws ripping my scalp off....

...but it turned out that the osprey's ire was directed at some crows that were hanging around.  Lucy and I had a good laugh at our cowardly behavior.  I think the message of that hike was: nature is scary.  Or maybe:  we have to get out more.

This is remaining Shetland that I chain plied.  It actually didn't come out so well...and I am wondering if Shetland is just not a good candidate for chain plying.  Does anyone have any opinions?  I would gladly fess up to simply doing a poor job of it but I also chain plied some merino I had sitting around on some bobbins and that came out beautifully.  So..was it me or the sheep?  What do you think?

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