Saturday, July 06, 2013

Because I am a VISUAL artist

Because I am a visual artist, I have no photographs to show you.

Because I got myself a right fancy smart phone that works all across North America - unlocked, if you will.

Because I learned that word from the teenager behind the counter at the cellphone place.

Because I got a right fancy smart phone, I take all my photographs with that now.

Because my right fancy smart phone is so much smarter than me, I can not figure out how to get these photographs into my computer.

Because there's gotta be a cord or a cable here somewhere.

Oh, whatever.

Because I still have work to complete before the calendar tells me it is Saturday and I had better get my visual artist ass out there onto the rough and tumble streets of Saskatoon, I will leave you now.

Because no one said making a treasure hunt/performance involving potash soap was going to be easy.

1 comment:

dorinalouise said...

sometimes i HATE my smartphone (shhh, if my smartphone finds out i KNOW it will do something mean to me).