Tuesday, July 16, 2013

That's Where You'll Find Me

The evening we left Newfoundland for Saskatoon on June 27th, it was about 8C/45F and damp.  It felt like summer would never arrive.  Of course, on the mainland, summer was in full bloom so I experienced some heat on the prairies.  When I got back to the ferry in Cape Breton (NS), it was still very damp (some might call it "rain") but we had at least hit 20C/70F.  And it has been pretty glorious ever since.  

Possibly not so surprisingly, I came home and promptly got sick.  Something had to give!  So I have spent these past two glorious days mostly asleep or sitting around on the couch.  It has its charms to be sure but I very aware of how fleeting these days are - one can not take warmth and sunshine for granted.

One thing that I have been doing somewhat steadily since the big road trip began is spinning 4 oz. of overdyed grey Shetland (dyed by Widdershins of course!) as part of participating in the Tour de Fleece.  My goal - a modest one to be sure - was to spin and ply the whole 4 oz using only my wonderful Kundert spindle.  For one, a spindle is very portable so it made sense since I was on the road for most of the TdF.  Also, as someone who purports to teach people to spin on spindles, well, my skills could be stronger.  

I discovered that it is possible to drive and spin, if you count sitting in a traffic jam as driving.  I actually got a fair bit done in the two tie-ups I experienced on the trip.

Remarkably, this is the first, full 2 oz. on the spindle.  It doesn't look like much but it is spun quite fine (excluding that end bit there).  I will begin the second 2 oz. but I have a feeling that the TdF is ending rather sooner than I might like it to (just checked - it ends on Sunday).  

Then again, it is a perfect activity for people with head colds.

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