Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Winnipeg or Saskatchewan or Wherever You Are

A day of rest in the 'Peg.  Tomorrow:  Saskatoon!  Briefly, I thought that I was going to be on the local Saskatoon morning show but it turns out that they couldn't fit me in on Friday.  Guess my 15 minutes of fame, Saskatchewan style, will have to come from somewhere else.

Meanwhile, if you are jonesing for some Street Meet art, you can take yourself over to the downtown Saskatoon Hilton Hotel.  They have bravely installed two of my crocheted works in their public spaces, along with a chair covered in some pretty remarkable crochet by Regina artist, Jen Keturakis.

Here is an image of Jen's chair....sit at your own risk!

The placement decision for this piece really cracks me up.  It is brilliant!  There are going to be some bewildered, breakfast-time faces at this particular Hilton Hotel....


deborah said...

Wish you were doing this in Regina! Hope you had a great time.

Robyn said...

So sorry to have missed you yesterday...but I knew I was taking a chance. And I was able to spend some quality time at the Golden Willow. AND purchase one of those tiny Turkish spindles that I have been dreaming about for four years.

Too bad Saskatoon is just a little too far from Regina to make it seem worthwhile to come...but (between you and me) I still like Regina better! : )