Monday, July 15, 2013

So, I Drove to Saskatoon for the Weekend...

Here are some more photographs from Saskatoon - my project and the art walking tour that followed on Sunday evening.

Keeley scored me some actual river water for foot washing.

Potash soap rules!

What is your idea of utopia?

And does it include many crocheted cushions?  Clearly, mine does.

The Bessborough Hotel

Shelley Miller's cake icing mural on 20th Street W.  It survived the rain.

Corey Bullpit's mural on the back of AKA Gallery.

Walking between locations.

20th Street W

David LaRiviere's project, a sign for his imaginary product, Liquid Bacon.  He got everyone to jump and cheer for Liquid Bacon.
JenSK's yarn bomb of a tree on 20th St. W

Atmospheric Saskatoon

Walking home from the art walk, what did I see looming over downtown Saskatoon?  

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