Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007's legacy is 2008's addiction or A Year of Yarn in Review

I think it is official. I am a total spinning geek. The rest of the family has gone off to a hip, happenin' party at a loft in Williamsburg sure to be full of artists and dancers and creative people of all stripes, and I have chosen to stay home and spin. Dan is totally sick of seeing me at the wheel, disbelieving that I could possibly be happy, once again, spinning or plying or what have you. Happy is not even the word...not even the word...

It was early in 2007 that I pulled the pieces of my new Ashford Travellor out of its box and put them together. Dan had given it to me as a Christmas present. It was like introducing your spouse to their future mistress, or something like that. I made everyone clear out of the house so I could make my mistakes in private (and curse out loud in the event of frustrating errors of which there were many). And I sat at the wheel and spun. I tried to remember everything that Cassie had said in the afternoon workshop she led that Lucy and I attended months before. I used up my 2006 Rhinebeck purchases determined not to care about "wasting" them--heck, fleece is cheap compared to yarn! I made terribly overspun, uneven yarn but I was totally inspired and completely undeterred by my mistakes. Little by little, my hands came to understand what needed to happen to make even, thin singles that could be plied to make lovely medium weight yarn.

Then came dyeing,

Then Wee Ball Yarns was born,

Then another wheel came into my life so I could make even more yarn, then a drum carder, and on and on.

Today, I successfully navajo plied for the first time (I had made many attempts that all looked pretty bad).

So the learning curve continues, perhaps less steeply than in January 2007, but with no less enthusiasm.

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island sweet said...

wow! your yarn is getting better and better. the colours, the textures. every pore in me is craving what you're doing but i have to do so much other stuff before i get there... xxx