Monday, January 07, 2008

The Knitted Mile - The Details

I went ahead and purchased some yarn to get started knitting while I wait for the donation to arrive from Lion Brand. Yesterday afternoon/evening I knit up a skein and got about 5 feet of a 4 inch stripe completed. (I checked with the Texas DOT about the width of their stripes and confirmed it is 4 inches.) So, if a mile has...what? 5,780 feet? that means I need how many skeins of yarn? Well, you do the math. Clearly, I need help! Here's my plan:

1. If you knit and are willing to help out in this scheme to cover Dallas's roads in knitwear, think about how many skeins you can knit up before 2/10/08.

2. Email me at thehousemuseum(at)nf(dot)sympatico(dot)ca and let me know how many you want and where to send them.

I will pack up the yarn and send it along asap after the donation arrives. Complete instructions will be included but they amount to knitting as long of a 4 inch stripe as you possibly can in garter stitch. For me, this was 15sts in the selected yarn. If you wish to add any thoughts about slowness as an act of resistance to the culture of immediate gratification, original or from another source, you are invited to do so by crocheting the words on top. (Helen suggested i-chord as another way to generate writing - that is fine too)

3. Return your knitting to me by February 10th. This will give me time to stitch together the pieces and possibly mail some of it ahead to Dallas before heading down there myself. The installation will take place on or around 2/20-23.

4. All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged where ever and whenever possible.

5. I am happy to accept any help, be it 1 foot, 10 feet or 100 feet. No contribution is too small or too large.

6. If you want your piece might be possible. Let's talk about it.

Please feel free to pass this along to any knitters you know who might be up for knitting some yellow garter stitch. I am still doing the math on how many skeins I will need for an actual mile and I am starting to feel a little woozy.


island sweet said...

hi robyn. barb is intersted in helping out too. can you remind us all what the project is about on your blog? thanks, s. xxx

Patti Blaine said...

Robyn, I think I'm good for two to three skeins (if you need me to do more, say the word and I will!). Also, I may be coming your way in early February and so able to deliver yellow striping in person.

Superwife said...

I'm in, Robyn, thanks to Patti. I thought your last project was so cool that I cannot imagine passing on this one!