Thursday, January 31, 2008

All Tied Up on Thursday

Yesterday I had the thrill of receiving the first package of knit stripe in the mail--from a woman in New Mexico who knit up two skeins. Then a fellow homeschooler handed me about five feet of stripe during our first annual Queens homeschooler Mardi Gras party. Fifteen feet in one day! Yahoo! Then I heard from the reluctant Helen that she had finished her skein and I could collect it anytime. We were up to 20 feet! And then I received this photo from my friend Janine in Wisconsin. She taught her husband, Raj, to knit just for this project, making for two new husband/partner knitters generated by this project by my quick calculation. Janine and Raj and two of their sons all pitched in and knit up 12 skeins.

At least they are still smiling!

UPDATE: Raj points out in the comments that they knit 15 skiens, not 12! Thank you Raj for clarifying! That is 15 more well-earned feet of stripe!


Patti Blaine said...

Ah, the family that knits together... is all tied up in knots together?

Robyn, I've been in your house... which room(s) are these bits and pieces going into? :)

Raj Lal said...

Robyn -
I think that Janine and I did 15 skeins. Learning how to knit was really fun!