Saturday, January 26, 2008

To Thine Own Project, Be True

We were out and about most of yesterday, on trains and all over midtown and the village. I noticed that I was looking at everyone's hats and scarves with great longing. A woman on the train had a gorgeous red hat that looked so soft, perhaps it was alpaca or even cashmere. Another had a neat fair isle in colours that were a surprise. I was staring at knitwear with lust in my heart. Finally it occurred to me that it was yellow garter stitch backlash. All around me were lovely knits of all styles and colours and there, in my bag, was Vanna.

But to Vanna I will be true, especially after seeing this photograph.


Patti Blaine said...

60! Makes me re-think my little tiny part in knitting a 10th of that. :) I'll be down to one skein after tomorrow Robyn.

OfTroy said...

And I've been feeling guilty.. i've been promoting your project/blog but not putting the Needle to the road..

i bought 1 skein of Vanna's yarn today, and will contribute as many feet as that knits..

(and if you need help sewing/grafting peices together, i am good for that too.. )

ivy said...

The note said you need it on the tenth, to sew up by late February. The 10th is a Sunday, so I think that means I need to finish by the 8th (because I only see your neighbor at work) but would the 11th be okay?

E-mail me please,