Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Knitted Mile

I have been in conversation with Lion Brand Yarns about donating the yarn for my knitted mile project. They have been generous supporters of my work in the past and they seem willing to do so again. In the meantime, however, I need to start knitting! I decided that, given the time factor, that I will crochet any words on top of the stripe after knitting (or while knitting if a mile of garter stitch in one colour gets too boring--I know it sounds hard to believe that that might be a wee bit dull after, say, the first 1000 feet, but just in case, you know).

I think I recruited my mom to knit some of the mile if I send her up some yarn. Anyone else interested? I will send you yarn and basic instructions (cast on 15 stitches, knit in garter st for the rest of your natural life) and encourage you to add whatever text you want in whatever way you want. Unfortunately, since I am receiving only room and board in exchange for the experience, I can not offer to pay in cash money. I can only offer the thrill of being part of it all.

Any takers???


OfTroy said...

have you thought of i-cord rather than crochet for the words? there are icord machines out there that can spin out miles of icord in minutes (ok, you can knit about 3 feet of icord per minute with a machine)

(and thanks but not thanks, on the opportunity to knit miles of plain knitting.. but post it on ravelry.. start a group! think about a yahoo group too,

i'll blog about the group if you do.. and others will too, i am sure if you ask! use all your resourses to network.

island sweet said...

count me in robyn -i can knit a few inches each day - would love to be part of it. i'll redirect people to your blog from mine tomorrow. xxx

Patti Blaine said...

You know you can count me in, right? I owe you (or L or both!) for room, board and then some, and you know I'll be trying to thrust myself upon you again come October anyway. :) Bring on the yellow!

ivy said...

Your neighbor just recruited me. It's a tight schedule with the lace stole I have on the needles, but I'll do what I can.