Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Addendum to the Installation

We made it back to NYC yesterday afternoon but it wasn't until this morning that I think I actually realized I was home. Yesterday was something of a fuzzy blur, as if by finally reaching our destination I was allowed to check out slightly from reality. But I have checked back in after a good night't sleep--is there any greater gift?

There were a couple of things that happened after the installation of The Knitted Mile that seem worth mentioning. As I made my good-bye's to the curators, Judith and Shannon, they both said that they really want to have the exhibition travel since it turned out so well. And it is a really interesting exhibition, in my humble opinion. That would mean perhaps The Knitted Mile would be installed another time, or even a couple of times. They both felt that it needed more of an audience that it received in Dallas. I have to agree with that. The installation was powerful and beautiful and we were the lucky few who saw it. It would be great to have more people really see it firsthand. So, there is talk about a northern installation, perhaps in Massachusetts where Judith lives and works. The only thing that holds me back, well - two things - that hold me back from being very happy that they want to re-install the piece is 1. the giant tangle! It boggles the mind to imagine getting it back into fire hose position. Patience will be on order. And maybe Patti, who is the world's best knot untangler.

The second reason I slightly hold back from pumping my fist in the air while hollering "yes!" is that I still have about a dozen skeins of Vanna sitting in my living room that I was looking forward to returning to Michael's or donating to a worthy cause or whatever. Now....if the thing yet lives....shouldn't I knit up those last skeins? Have mercy on me! On the brighter side, Janine's package never did arrive, so it may get a second chance to be part of the project. And with all those extra feet of knitting, maybe we can push the length up to an even 0.5 miles. I do love me those round numbers.

But I can not think about knitting garter stitch today. No, today, among the laundry and settling back in, I plan to dust off my lovely spinning wheel and have a little "getting re-acquainted" party. My I have missed you...


Patti Blaine said...

When does it have to go to MA? I'd love to come down and help untangle--and Kate and I are thinking we'll be in NY some time this spring.

Also, send me some of the dozen and I'll help knit them up. Seriously. Just not all 12... :)

OfTroy said...

I love untangling tangles too..(and i could drive to boston.. or any other point in MA (i have friend there...i could visit them too, (and drag them out!)

Good luck getting it shown EVERYWHERE.