Friday, February 15, 2008

Here It Is

After a wee bit of drama, the packages from Newfoundland arrived:

I am speechless! It made me cry for the care and joy and trouble that went into this contribution. Into ALL the contributions. A friend recently told me that she only cares now about "honest intent" and her words have stayed with me throughout this process. The intention that this work is filled with, and I by no means mean my own ideas and intentions here, is just overwhelming. Look at this picture that came with the yarn:

These are women who are part of the senior's club in Port Saunders on the Northern Peninsula. It is so beautiful and heart breaking at the same time. It makes me cry!

But wipe away those tears so you can see this. Here it is (minus one more contribution that will arrive this evening):

Dallas, here we come: me, Finn, Lucy and a whole hellava lot of knitting!

UPDATE: I have THREE more contributions coming tonight! And I tried to make a final tally of all the knitters who contributed and I am at more than 80. It boggles the mind. Let's just hope that the Dallas police department are as impressed as I am...


island sweet said...

we are so proud to have been part of this robyn. thank -you.

Patti Blaine said...

Yes! Thank you Robyn.

OfTroy said...

1 3.5 ounce skien makes about 5 feet,
a mile should weigh close to 200 lbs.

(210 lbs at 5 foot per skein)Hope you're heavy!