Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Jersey X 1000 = Dallas

We made it to the gallery today and made an executive decision to postpone the installation until Friday am. For any and all who might be in the vicinity of Dallas and able to come watch and/or assist with the installation of The Knitted Mile, here are the details:

We will meet at Gray Matter (113 N. Haskell Avenue) at 10 am. From there we will proceed to the installation site nearby. The installation will be photographed and videotaped. After the piece is installed, it will be removed and transported back to the gallery. There will be an opening reception for the exhibition, Gestures of Resistance, on Friday evening at Gray Matter from 7 - 9 pm. All are welcome to come by and see some great art that speaks to craft, performance and the politics of slow. The Knitted Mile will be on view along with photographs of (most of) the 86 knitters who helped to make this project happen.

As an aside, we made a visit to The Shabby Sheep, a refuge from the car madness that has Dallas in its grip. The people working there, presumably the owner and her dog, and the woman who was knitting (who can blame her - it is a really lovely shop!) were all so welcoming. It was a very nice moment - to be surrounded by things I know and understand (that would be yarn) and people who feel the same way. I love knitters!

And, after nearly two months of knitting yellow acrylic yarn in garter stitch, I felt a reward was in order.

Not a very good picture of some Manos del Uruguay silk blend (30% silk, 70% merino). Move over Vanna!

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island sweet said...

you deserve a reward! xxx