Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Obsession isn't pretty

Now that our living room is filled with yellow garter stitch, I find myself lurching between activities, unable to complete anything without feeling like the other is calling out. I am doing laundry but Vanna is hailing me! I have to finish two applications but again, that damn Vanna. Yet, while I am knitting, I can only think about all those other things that need doing--what will we pack for this trip? Should I make hotel reservations or keep it loose? And children need to eat...regularly, apparently.

Yesterday, I hit the wall. I just couldn't make myself knit another stitch. I have a pile of knitting in my living room the size of the Great Pyramids of Egypt and still I am knitting? You gotta be crazy!

Oh...yeah....crazy. I know crazy. That's why I have a living room filled with yellow garter stitch.

And so I knit on.


OfTroy said...

i saw all those skeins of vanna (hidding in the corner of previous post) and i can't help but think of the fairy tail of the 7 swans.. brothers cursed to take the shape of birds, and only their sister can free them by knitting sweaters..

as they are on the way to the gallows, she is valently knitting, to free her brothers..

(i see the car cruising down the highway.. with you valently knitting yet another skein.. each mile of the drive married to yet another row of the knitted mile...)

Patti Blaine said...

Hmmm. I thought I gagged Vanna. Need some duct tape, Robyn? Not for the children of course...

island sweet said...

i love the reference to the 7 swans fairy tale.
soon it will be done and you will have that feeling of loss/freedom and permission to move on. you've created something very large robyn.
and good.