Wednesday, February 20, 2008

So Not That It Is

We had a very not-Dallas day. We took the commuter train - yes, a train! - into downtown Dallas to attend Shannon and Judith's session at the CAA conference, which was titled Gestures of Resistance (surprise, surprise). It was a wee bit academic for my personal taste but there were some really great things said about craft and slowness as a political act. I wish I could have a written transcript of their introductory remarks since they used some nice language that I wouldn't mind stealing for my next artist statement.

The session was rather long but I came prepared with the last skein of Vanna so I could finish up the last bit of yellow knitting. Did I just say that? Yes! The last bit of yellow knitting FOREVER! Alright, I did start on the Manos last night but I thought I should be knitting on the stripe at the session. Keeping up appearances and all. Lucy and Finn were great, especially considering it was 2.5 hours of talk. Finn read a book while Lucy knit on a totally adorable Japanese kit that makes a cellphone pouch. She will use it as a bag for general purposes but it won us over with its intense cuteness yesterday. Then we got on the light rail and went back to the commuter train and were back in Irving in about 40 car-free, stress-free minutes. I should add that day passes for all this train riding cost us a total of $6.50 for all three of us - $2 of it only because Finn lost his day pass somewhere along the way. Ok, I am starting to like Dallas.

THEN, arriving back in Irving, we were all pretty hungry so we decided to drive around a bit in Irving to see if we could score some tacos or something when it became clear that Irving is home to a large Indian community. I took a wrong turn that ended up being the best wrong turn ever. We discovered the Taj Chaat House, home to the best south Indian food I have ever had outside of, well, south India. Sorry Dosa Hut, they have you beat!

Between the train rides and the Indian food, Dallas is definitely growing on me.


J9 said...

Please post a photo of Lucy's knitted pouch when she is finished!-J9

christina said...

Robyn, So glad the adventure, is well, adventurous! Can't wait to see Lucy's pouch and pictures of the installation -- Rock on that here in NYC we are in 4" of snow - I just was quoted $30.00 to shovel my small walk! LOL! (that was 4 you lovely ladies in NewFounland to laugh at!) Enjoy the Dallas prices and sunshine -- wishing you every good thing and success as you carry our spirits with you Christina