Monday, February 11, 2008

Knit Mile Pile

I sent this photo out with an email announcement for The Knitted Mile but it seemed worth repeating here. May I point out that there is more to come? A fair amount more. I still have to collect most of what I shared out to local Sunnyside knitters, as well as a goodly amount from our Waldorf-y homeschool friends (you have to love an educational philosophy in which knitting figures so prominently!). There are two big boxes (gulp!) and a smaller assortment of packages still coming from Newfoundland, and...this is hard to put into black and white...Janine's box has not yet arrived. Yes, Janine of Janine and Raj and two of their sons who knit 15 skeins. It hasn't arrived yet. I am still holding my breath, still not totally resigned to it being the L-word. Each morning our postal delivery guy (we call him "Smokey" due to the cloud of cigarette smoke that travels with him from his van to the front door) rings the bell and we joyously collect a box of knitting - like Christmas EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK! But where is Janine's box? It's coming, I know it. C'mon Smokey - you can do it!

There is another reason why I am so anxious to receive Janine's box. Janine put some samples of two of her sheep fleeces in it. She has a theory that sheep who are bottle fed (apparently a very typical way of raising lambs) produce coarser wool than those who are allowed to nurse. When I expressed surprise at this theory, she promised to send me some fleece from two of her sheep (same breed). One she bought when it was already weaned but it had been bottle fed and the other is from one who she raised and allowed it to nurse. Does La Leche League know about this?


Patti Blaine said...

The leaning tower of Vanna.

Fingers crossed on Janine's package... and you'll make sure La Leche hears about this, won't ya?

island sweet said...

my faith in smokey is strong...