Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Not sure how many times I can talk about knitting a 4" wide stripe of yellow garter stitch...

It is getting longer. The donated yarn is all gone and I scooped up 18 more skeins at our local Michael's in Woodside (on sale!). I picked up another five feet of knitting from Helen last night at a gathering of a Long Island City knitting group. It was very nice on several counts, and not just picking up five more feet of knitting. For one, I got to finally meet Helen in person, which was very fun, and I found a knitting group that is serious about knitting. People are Doing Things there. Better yet, they can teach me to Do Things too. And it is at a lovely cafe in LIC which means good tea and maybe a tasty cookie while we knit. What's not to love?

Today, a man who does PR for Lion Brand is coming by to take photographs of the stripe. Apparently some buzz reached the ears of my contact there and he wants to get some good pictures of this madness. The iffy part of it, besides the amount of dust and clutter I have to remove from my livingroom before it is photographed for all to see, is that I feel certain that I will have about 200 more feet to boast of....tomorrow. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Janine's large package arrives today, otherwise it may be a little disappointing.

Here is my stripe, which includes about 20 feet by Lucy and Carol Sommers in NM:

That's Helen's contribution sitting on top. The great wheel of knitting is more than two feet across and is blocking access to the dining room, but I am not so sure it will be impressive in a "you knit a MILE????!" sort of a way. I know they want pictures of me drowning in yellow stripe....and I will be! Just not this afternoon.

Ok, now I have to rid my livingroom of all signs that I have been spending all my free moments knitting on an endless yellow stripe rather than cleaning up the detrius of a family of four.

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island sweet said...

well robyn - 2 large boxes of knitting are being sent out from newfoundland this afternoon. barb and i both feel sad to see it go. it's like releasing