Thursday, September 24, 2009


Ok, I know I need to post information about our experiences in Peterborough, Hamilton and our one urban foray into Toronto itself. Instead, we are taking a wee break. Tonight we have to head out to Whitby (about an hour outside of Toronto) and tomorrow we will spend the day west of Toronto in the Kitchener area (we will be at the New Hamburg knit night at Shall We Knit). But today, we rest a little.

Last night, as I tried to engage the knitting group at Lettuce Knit, my energy was at zero or maybe below zero and their enthusiasm was not really there either. It wasn't really a great experience for anyone. I felt badly that I was so lackluster but it was very clear that two groups in a day was too much. If I am learning any lesson from our eastern experiences it is that I need to schedule a few rest days (and nights) in there too. The relentlessness of our schedule has been challenging, not just in physical terms, but in terms of keeping the good energy up. I really felt it last night. I was in a "screw it" mood and I discovered that no one else is going to get excited about the project when the person leading the conversation (that would be me) is half asleep.

Plus I kept messing up my knitting.

Definitely time to take a day off.

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island sweet said...

you must feel such relief that this part is over. now you can go home and figure out what happened! call me when you settle in. xxx